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Polaris Server Migration FAQ

CCS's Polaris environment must be migrated to new servers. CCS will continue to update this FAQ as we near the server migration.

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When will will the server migration occur?

The production server migration will begin after libraries close on Saturday, April 8. Work will continue through end of day on Sunday, April 9. 

Which services will be unavailable during the server migration?

While the production server migration is being completed, all Polaris services will be down, including PowerPAC, Leap, and all SIP/API connected tools. Libraries that are open on Sunday, April 9 will work offline during library hours. 

What happens to my Simply Reports files?

Download any Simply Reports files that need to be retained. Simply Reports files will not migrate to the new servers. To access your Simply Reports files:

  • Log into Simply Reports.
  • Select My Reports.
  • Click the "File Maintenance" tab.
  • Select each type--Ad-hoc, saved or scheduled reports to review your saved files.
  • Download any files you might need to retain.

Saved and scheduled reports configuration will migrate over to the new servers. Only the files themselves will not move over.

What information do I need to share with library vendors (LinkedIn Learning, Mango Languages, Tumblebooks, etc.)?

Provide the new server IP addresses to all vendors that connect to Polaris via SIP or API. Vendors need to update their connectivity info on Sunday, April 9 or the morning of Monday, April 10 to ensure continued patron access to 3rd party services. Libraries will also need update SIP-connected tools such as AMHs and self-checks. The new production SIP IP address will be sent to the IT listserv today. All other SIP information (ports, usernames, etc) will remain the same. 

What do I need to do in order to use the Staff Client after the production server migration?

Install a new remote app connection on all computers that use the staff client; uninstall the old remote app connection. CCS will send the updated wcx file to the IT listserv the week leading up to the production server migration. 

Will CCS contact any vendors on behalf of all libraries?

CCS will plan to contact the below vendors for all members:

  • OCLC 
  • Communico 
  • Novelist/Library Aware 
  • CollectionHQ 
  • ePay
  • Comprise 
  • Explore More Illinois/RAILS 
  • Stackmap

These are the vendors we have contacts with and have worked with previously on behalf of members. You do not need to contact these vendors to let them know about the upcoming server migration. You will need to contact and provide the new server IP address to all other vendors that connect to Polaris via SIP/API not listed above.