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The following table summarizes the main local CCS practices that are at variance with national standards. See the Local practices category for more links.

Record creation rules

CCS Practice Reason
When to create a new record in the local catalog Group minor variants and split versions with major differences to facilitate searching and placing holds
Local rules on when to catalog a series or set as a single record or as multiple records for each part Facilitates OPAC searching
When possible, do not create new records when material accompanying test preparation books varies Facilitates OPAC searching

Rules for specific fields

MARC field / subfield CCS Practice Example Reason
ALL Follow local core-record standards regarding the list of required fields   Standardize/normalize record content, facilitate OPAC searching, facilitate record identification
500 Add Enhanced CD for enhanced CDs 500 Enhanced CD. Facilitates OPAC searching
520 Include summaries for children's materials, videos, audio books   Facilitates OPAC searching
586 Include awards notes for the winners of certain awards 586 Caldecott Medal, 1979.
586 Academy Award for Best Picture, 2006.
Facilitates OPAC searching
600 or 650 Assign character headings at first appearance for adult works of fiction   Improves access to popular characters
655 Assign local genre headings for bilingual material. 655 7 Bilingual books.‡2local Requested by public services; facilitates librarians' searches
655 Video recordings: Use genre heading "Video recordings for the hearing impaired" instead of "Films..." or "Television programs..." 655 7 Video recordings for the hearing impaired.‡2lcgft Facilitates OPAC searching
691 Subject headings for local authors 691 Lake Forest (Ill.)‡xAuthors. Requested by public services
945 Include a 945 field in records that should not have holdings updated in WorldCat 945 ‡bOCLC DO NOT SET Required by TMQ