Illinois library barcode prefixes

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For a directory of academic libraries in Illinois see: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI).

For more information about these libraries (contact information, lending policies, etc.), see the Library Learning (L2) resource sharing lookup site.

Prefix Library Agency Code Library System
1804 Acorn Library District ADS RAILS
7543 Adams Elementary School (Decatur) ILHS
1338 Addison Public Library ADD RAILS
2460 Advocate Health Sciences Library LGK RAILS
4440 Advocate Library Network XHS RAILS
1488 Algonquin Area Public Library District ALK RAILS
0111 Alleman High School ALLG RAILS
1215 Allerton Public Library (Monticello) MON IHLS
1145 Alsip-Merrionette Park Public Library District AMS RAILS
8601 Amboy C.U.S.D. #272 Libraries AMLY RAILS
0104 Andalusia Township Library ANDG RAILS
7001 Anderson/Oglesby (Markham) MKS RAILS
0102 Annawan School ASDG RAILS
0203 Annawan-Alba Township Library AAPG RAILS
5926 Antioch Public Library HRQ RAILS
3722 Aptakisic-Tripp CCSD 102 BQQ RAILS
7520 Argenta/Oreana High School IHLS
1803 Argenta/Oreana Public Library IHLS
1184 Arlington Heights Memorial Library AHK RAILS
7542 Assumption Public Library IHLS
7594 Athens Public Lib IHLS
2770 Atwood Public Library ATR IHLS
0059 Augustana College AUG RAILS
1750 Aurora Public Library AOD RAILS
1811 Barclay Public Library (Warrensburg) WAR IHLS
1487 Barrington Public Library District BAK RAILS
9800 Bartlett Public Library District BTD RAILS
6173 Batavia Public Library District BLD RAILS
7566 Baum Elementary School (Decatur) IHLS
1381 Bedford Park Library District BPS RAILS
0304 Beecher Public Library BCS RAILS
0007 Belleville Public Library BDA IHLS
1731 Bellwood Public Library BWS RAILS
8604 Belvidere S.D. #100 Librarie BNHY RAILS
1437 Bensenville Community Public Library District BND RAILS
1993 Berkeley Public Library BKS RAILS
2742 Bertolet Memorial Library District BMLY RAILS
2957 Berwyn Public Library BYS RAILS
0031 Bethalto Public Library BTA IHLS
7532 Bethany High School IHLS
0060 Bettendorf (Iowa) Public Library BPL RAILS
5563 Big Rock Library RAILS
0061 Black Hawk College Library BHCG RAILS
0051 Blackburn College ABA IHLS
3680 Blandinsville-Hire Public Library District BLH RAILS
0051 Bloomingdale Public Library BDD RAILS
1190 Bloomington Public Library BLR RAILS
1237 Blue Island Public Library BIS RAILS
1816 Blue Mound Memorial Public Library BMR IHLS
2918 Bond Elementary School (Assumption) IHLS
1555 Bourbonnais Public Library District BDBB RAILS
8641 Boylan Central Catholic High School Library BCCY RAILS
6800 Bradley Public Library District BRBB RAILS
0029 Breese Public Library BRA IHLS
7567 Brush College Elementary School (Decatur) ILHS
2081 Bridgeview Public Library BVS RAILS
3369 Brimson Grow Library, Northern Baptist Theological Seminary BGL RAILS
1314 Broadview Public Library BRS RAILS
0056 Brookfield Free Public Library BFS RAILS
8663 Bureau Valley C.U.S.D. #340 BVHG RAILS
5927 Byron C.U.S.D. #226 School BRLY RAILS
1523 Byron Public Library District BYLY RAILS
0021 Cahokia High School GBA IHLS
0081 Cahokia Public Library CAA IHLS
1613 Calumet City Public Library CCS RAILS
2325 Calumet Park Public Library CAS RAILS
3034 Camargo Township Library (Villa Grove) VGN IHLS
0014 Carlinville Public Library BHA IHLS
0054 Carlyle High School GIA IHLS
7593 Carnegie-Schuyler Public Lib (Pana) IHLS
1319 Carol Stream Public Library CSD RAILS
6116 Cary Area Library CPQ RAILS
0019 Case Halstead Public Library (Carlyle) BLA RAILS
0082 Caseyville Public Library CBA IHLS
0046 Central Community High School District (Breese) GFA IHLS
2918 Central A&M High School (Moweaqua) IHLS
2918 Central A&M Middle School (Assumption) IHLS
1002 Central High School (Burlington) BUD RAILS
0028 Centreville Library BQA IHLS
8504 Chadwick Public Library District CDLY RAILS
8627 Chadwick-Milledgeville #399 MWLY RAILS
1305 Champaign Public Library CHN IHLS
3035 Chanute Air Force Base Library QCN IHLS
1924 Charles B. Phillips Public Library (Newark) CPBB RAILS
1235 Charleston Carnegie Public Library CRN IHLS
6082 Chatham Public Library IHLS
1533 Cherry Valley District Library CVL RAILS
1539 Chicago Heights Free Public Library CHS RAILS
1011 Chicago Ridge Public Library CRS RAILS
1942 Cicero Public Library CIS RAILS
1737 Clarendon Hills Public Library CNS RAILS
0062 Clinton (Iowa) Community College Library CCC RAILS
8542 Clinton Township Public Library (Waterman) CTPY RAILS
5920 Coal City Public Library CCBB RAILS
1304 College of DuPage COD RAILS
0084 Colona District Library CLNG RAILS
0095 Colona School District CSDG RAILS
0026 Columbia Public Library BOA IHLS
5556 Cook County Law Library CCC RAILS
1377 ?? ?? ??
1122 Cook Memorial Public Library District (Libertyville) LIK RAILS
0091 Cordova District Library CORG RAILS
8544 Cortland Public Library District COLY RAILS
2525 Cove School (Northbrook) CNK RAILS
7577 Cowden-Herrick High School IHLS
8545 Creston-Dement Public Library CRDY RAILS
7651 Crestwood CWS RAILS
1886 Crete Public Library District CTS RAILS
2306 Crystal Lake Public Library CLK RAILS
8606 Dakota C.U.S.D. #201 Libraries DALY RAILS
3030 Danville Community College ZDN RAILS
1205 Danville Public Library DAN IHLS
0023 Daugherty Public Library District (Dupo) BMA IHLS
0063 Davenport (Iowa) Public Library DPL RAILS
7591 Decatur Memorial Hospital IHLS
1202 Decatur Public Library DPR IHLS
0064 Deere & Co. Library DCL RAILS
9094 Deerfield Public Library DFK RAILS
8607 DeKalb C.U.S.D. #428 Libraries DHSY RAILS
2065 DeKalb Public Library DKLY RAILS
1601 Delos F. Diggins Public Library (Harvard) HRL RAILS
7551 Dennis Elementary School (Decatur) IHLS
1468 Des Plaines Public Library DPK RAILS
1557 Des Plaines Valley Public Library District (Crest Hill Branch) CHB RAILS
1556 Des Plaines Valley Public Library District (Lockport Branch) LKB RAILS
8645 Dillon Elementary
7538 Divernon Public Library IHLS
8608 Dixon C.U.S.D. #170 Libraries DILY RAILS
1515 Dixon Public Library DXLY RAILS
1146 Dolton Public Library District DOS RAILS
3039 Douglas Township Library (Gilman) GIN IHLS
1191 Downers Grove Public Library DGS RAILS
7577 Dry Point Public Lib (Cowden) IHLS
8609 Durand C.U.S.D. #322 Libraries DSLY RAILS
7571 Durfee Elementary School (Decatur) IHLS
6051 Earlville Public Library District EAPY RAILS
0005 East Alton Public Library BBA IHLS
8505 East Dubuque District Library EDLY RAILS
8610 East Dubuque Unit S.D. #119 EDHY RAILS
0086 East Moline Correctional Center PRI RAILS
0065 East Moline Public Library EMPG RAILS
0049 East St. Louis High School GGA IHLS
0009 East St. Louis Public Library BFA IHLS
3939 Edward Hospital EHD RAILS
0008 Edwardsville Public Library BEA IHLS
7534 Eisenhower High Sch (Decatur) IHLS
1134 Eisenhower Public Library (Harwood Heights & Norridge) ESS RAILS
1241 Ela Area Public Library District (Lake Zurich) EAK RAILS
3841 Elgin Community Unit School District U46 UFK RAILS
1817 Elizabeth Titus Memorial Library (Sullivan) SUR IHLS
0243 Elizabeth Township Public Library ELLY RAILS
1250 Elk Grove Village Public Library ELK RAILS
8514 Ella Johnson Memorial Public Library (Hampshire) EJMY (HAL) RAILS
1135 Elmhurst Public Library EHS RAILS
1208 Elmwood Park Library District EPS RAILS
7565 Enterprise Elementary School (Decatur) IHLS
2707 Erie Public Library ERIG RAILS
1192 Evanston Public Library EVK RAILS
2778 Evergreen Park Public Library EVS RAILS
0015 Fairview Heights Public Library BIA IHLS
7612 Findlay High School IHLS
8533 Flagg-Rochelle Public Library District FRPY RAILS
1249 Flossmoor Public Library FMS RAILS
2026 Forest Park Public Library FPS RAILS
0606 Forreston Public Library RAILS
1749 Forsyth Public Library FOR IHLS
2186 Fossil Ridge Public Library District (Braidwood) FRBB RAILS
2186 Fossil Ridge Public Library District(Bookmobile) FBBB RAILS
3805 Fox Lake Public Library FLK RAILS
2274 Fox River Grove Public Library FRQ RAILS
1783 Fox River Valley Public Library District (Dundee) DUK RAILS
0094 Franciscan University MSC RAILS
1203 Frankfort Public Library District FRS RAILS
8602 Franklin Center High School #271 ACIY RAILS
7563 Franklin Elementary School (Decatur) IHLS
1316 Franklin Park Public Library District FPD RAILS
8509 Franklin Grove Public Library FGLY RAILS
8510 Freeport Public Library FPLY RAILS
7641 Freeport S.D. #145 Libraries FSLY RAILS
3090 Fremont Public Library District (Mundelein) MUK RAILS
7585 French Academy (Decatur) IHLS
1803 Friends Creek Public Library (Argenta) FCR IHLS
0401 Fountaindale Public Library District (Bolingbrook) BBB RAILS
0404 Fountaindale Public Library District (Bookmobile) BBB RAILS
0106 Fulton Elementary School FESG RAILS
0108 Fulton High School FHSG RAILS
1113 Gail Borden Public Library ELG RAILS
8512 Galena Public Library District GALY RAILS
8615 Galena Unit S.D. #120 LRC GLLY RAILS
7569 Garfield Elementary School (Decatur) IHLS
0090 Geneseo District Public Library GPLG RAILS
0120 Geneseo School District GHSG RAILS
0205 Genesis Medical Center ILI RAILS
0052 Geneva Public Library District GVD RAILS
8513 Genoa Public Library District GELY RAILS
8616 Genoa-Kingston C.U.S.D. #424 GKLY RAILS
1225 Georgetown Public Library GEN IHLS
0052 Germantown Public Library District B8K IHLS
0047 Gillespie Public Library BKA IHLS
0042 Glen Carbon Centennial Library B4K IHLS
1322 Glen Ellyn Public Library GED RAILS
1121 Glencoe Public Library GCK RAILS
1385 Glenside Public Library District GHD RAILS
1170 Glenview Public Library GVK RAILS
6088 Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library District GWS RAILS
0002 Gompers Junior High School (Joliet) (Inactive) JGB RAILS
0036 Grand Prairie of the West Public Library District (Virden) BZA IHLS
1402 Grande Prairie Public Library (Hazel Crest & Country Club Hills) GPS RAILS
0940 Grant Park Public Library RAILS
0517 Graves-Hume Public Library District (Mendota) GVHY RAILS
6109 Grayslake Public Library GRK RAILS
0202 Great River Medical Center GRM RAILS
1814 Green Hills Public Library District GHS RAILS
7560 Greenview High School IHLS
0032 Greenville Public Library BUA IHLS
2770 Hammond Public Library HMR IHLS
0098 Hampton Elementary School District HAMG RAILS
Hanover Township Library HNLY RAILS
7555 Hanson Engineering (Springfield) IHLS
0034 Hartford Public Library BWA IHLS
7570 Harris Elementary School (Decatur) IHLS
8617 Harvard C.U.S.D. #50 Libraries HSLY RAILS
1136 Harvey Public Library HAS RAILS
0030 Hayner Public Library District (Alton) BSA IHLS
1502 Helen M. Plum Memorial Library (Lombard) LOD RAILS
1806 Helen Matthes Library (Effingham) EFR IHLS
0092 Henry C. Adams Memorial Library (Prophetstown) PTN RAILS
1979 HERITAGE TRAIL LIBRARY SYSTEM (now Prairie Area Library System) PALS RAILS
7581 Herrick Grade School IHLS
7581 Herrick Township Public Library IHLS
8619 Hiawatha C.U.S.D. #426 Libraries HHSY RAILS
8511 Highland Community College Library HCCY RAILS
8658 Highland Elementary (Meridian Schools) SP4Y RAILS
1000 Highland Park Public Library HPK RAILS
[none] Highwood Public Library HIK RAILS
1992 Hillside Public Library HSS RAILS
8618 Hinckley-Big Rock High School #429 HBLY RAILS
8516 Hinkley Public Library District HLKY RAILS
1279 Hinsdale Public Library HDS RAILS
1301 Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago
5930 Hodgkins HKS RAILS
2889 Homer Township Public Library District HDBB RAILS
2889 Homer Township Public Library District Bookmobile HBBB RAILS
1311 Homewood Public Library HWS RAILS
1742 Homewood-Flossmoor High School HFS RAILS
8651 Hononegah Community High School District #207 Library HCHY RAILS
6083 Hope Welty Public Library (Cerro Gordo) IHLS
6839 Huntley Area Public Library District HUK RAILS
8503 Ida Public Library (Belvidere) BVL RAILS
7596 IL Department of Children & Family Services IHLS
7576 IL Department of Transportation (Springfield) IHLS
7483 IL Early Childhood (Springfield) IHLS
7605 IL Environmental Protection Agency (Springfield) IHLS
1165 IL Library materials ISL IHLS
7540 IL State Historical Library (Springfield) IHLS
1129 IL State Library ISL IHLS
7587 IL State Museum (Springfield) IHLS
7583 IL Supreme Court (Springfield) IHLS
7578 Illini Central High School (Mason City) IHLS
2156 Illiopolis Public Library ILR IHLS
1015 Illinois Veterans Home (Lasalle) ILBB RAILS
2979 Illinois Veterans Home (Manteno) IHBB RAILS
1476 Indian Prairie (formerly Darien) INS RAILS
1525 Indian Prairie (formerly Willowbrook) INS RAILS
1946 Indian Prairie Public Library District (Willowbrook & Darien) INS RAILS
1125 Indian Trails Public Library District (Wheeling) WGK RAILS
1317 Itasca Community Library (shares a prefix with Rantoul Public Library) ITD RAILS
1747 IVC Center – Rolling Prairie IHLS
0057 Jerseyville High School GKA IHLS
0033 Jerseyville Public Library BVA IHLS
7547 Johns Hill Magnet Sch (Decatur) IHLS
6164 Johnsburg Public Library District JOLY RAILS
8625 Johnsonburg C.U.S.D. #12 Libraries JSLY RAILS
7695 Joliet Catholic Academy XFB RAILS
1967 Joliet Public Library JPB RAILS
7519 Joliet Township High School District #204 (Central Campus) JCHB RAILS
0019 Joliet Township High School District #204 (West Campus) JWHB RAILS
8537 Julia Hull Public Library District JHLY RAILS
2784 Justice Public Library JDS RAILS
1558 Kankakee Public Library KKBB RAILS
0093 Kaplan College AIC RAILS
8642 Keith Country Day School Library KCDY RAILS
0054 Kenilworth Public Library District KNK RAILS
8672 Kings C.C.S.D. #144 KNLY RAILS
8517 Kirkland Public Library KILY RAILS
7943 Kishwaukee College Learning Resources Center KIS
4276 Ladd Public Library LDBB RAILS
6086 La Grange Park Public Library District LPS RAILS
1320 LaGrange Public Library LGS RAILS
7686 Lake Bluff Public Library LBK RAILS
1243 Lake Forest Library LFK RAILS
1981 Lake Villa District Library LVK RAILS
1220 Lakeland Community College LRC ZLN IHLS
0117 LaMoille-Clarion Public Library District LACG RAILS
8518 Lanark Public Library LNLY RAILS
2077 LaSalle Public Library LSBB RAILS
0100 LeClaire Community Library RAILS
1559 Lemont Public Library District LMB RAILS
8546 Lena Community District Library LELY RAILS
1137 Lewis O. Flom Public Library (Lansing) LSS RAILS
9846 Limestone Public Library District LIBB RAILS
7611 Lincoln College (Lincoln) IHLS
7610 Lincoln Elementary School District (Lincoln) IHLS
7535 Lincoln High School IHLS
7609 Lincoln Junior High School (Lincoln) IHLS
1247 Lincoln Library (Springfield) LLR IHLS
1807 Lincoln Public Library LIR IHLS
1242 Lincolnwood Public Library District LNK RAILS
7303 Lisle Library District (materials) LDS RAILS
7301 Lisle Library District (patrons) LDS RAILS
0006 Louis Latzer Memorial Public Library (Highland) BCA IHLS
7552 Lovington High School IHLS
1812 Lovington Township Library LOR IHLS
3002 Loyola Academy LOK RAILS
1722 LTA Program (College of DuPage) RAILS
1529 Lyons Public Library LYS RAILS
7498 MacArthur High School (Decatur) IHLS
7525 Macon Public Library IHLS
0056 Madison High School GJC IHLS
0039 Madison Public Library B2A IHLS
3031 Mahomet Township Public Library MAN IHLS
7564 Main Street Elem Sch (Shelbyville) IHLS
8522 Malta Township Public Library MLLY RAILS
8001 Manhattan Public Library District MTBB RAILS
3702 Manteno C.U.S.D. MHSB RAILS
6990 Manteno Public Library District MNBB RAILS
8523 Maple Park Public Library District MPLY RAILS
8623 Marengo Community High School District #154 Media Center MGLY RAILS
8524 Marengo Public Library District MRLY RAILS
8662 Marian Central Catholic High School Library MCCY RAILS
7539 Maroa Public Library IHLS
7561 Maroa-Forsyth High School IHLS
1804 Marrowbone Township Library (Bethany) MBR IHLS
3045 Marshall High School YMN IHLS
3040 Marshall Public Library MLN IHLS
6085 Mason City Public Library IHLS
0045 Mater Dei High School (Breese) GEA IHLS
1486 Matteson Public Library MTS RAILS
1312 Maywood Public Library MWS RAILS
0033 Mazon-Verona-Kinsman Elementary School (Mazon) MVEB RAILS
0033 Mazon-Verona-Kinsman Middle School (Mazon) MVMB RAILS
0428 McClure Junior High School MJS RAILS
2147 McConathy Library District (Sauk Village) SVS RAILS
1615 McCook Public Library District MCS RAILS
9900 McHenry-Nunda Library District MTK RAILS
2360 McHenry Public Library District MJK RAILS
2904 Melrose Park Public Library MPS RAILS
7606 Memorial Medical Center (Springfield) IHLS
3041 Mercy Hospital (Urbana) XMN IHLS
8658 Meridian Junior High School (Stillman Valley) SPLY RAILS
8646 Merrill Elementary
6878 Messenger Public Library (North Aurora) NAD RAILS
0018 Metro East Lutheran High School (Edwardsville) GAA IHLS
1614 Midlothian Public Library MDS RAILS
8502 Mills & Petrie Memorial Library MPMY RAILS
0110 Mineral Gold Public Library MGPG RAILS
0035 Mississippi Valley Public Library District BXA IHLS
1985 Mokena Community Public Library District MKBB RAILS
0067 Moline Public Library MPP RAILS
8658 Monroe Center Elementary School (Meridian Schools) SP3Y RAILS
2222 Montini High School MOD RAILS
0118 Moore Memorial Library District MMLG RAILS
9957 Morris Area Public Library District MRBB RAILS
0024 Morrison Talbott Library (Waterloo) BNA IHLS
8070 Morton Arboretum MAS RAILS
1245 Morton Grove Public Library MGK RAILS
7550 Mound Middle School (Decatur) IHLS
8526 Mount Carroll Township Public Library MCLY RAILS
8527 Mount Morris Public Library MMLY RAILS
1174 Mount Prospect Public Library MPK RAILS
7557 Moweaqua Public Library IHLS
3038 Moyer Library (Gibson City) GCN IHLS
7604 Mt. Pulaski Elementary School IHLS
1815 Mt. Pulaski Public Library District MPR IHLS
7515 Mt. Zion High School IHLS
7536 Mt. Zion Intermediate School IHLS
7537 Mt. Zion Junior High Sch IHLS
1808 Mt. Zion Township Library MZR IHLS
7568 Muffley Elementary School (Decatur) IHLS
0068 Muscatine Community College MCC RAILS
1541 Museum of Science and Industry MSC RAILS
0088 Musser (Iowa) Public Library MUS RAILS
1111 Naperville School District #203 NSD RAILS
3284 National-Louis University NEK RAILS
7607 Neoga High School IHLS
1984 New Lenox Township Library NLBB RAILS
0501 Newman Central Catholic High School NCLY RAILS
1318 Nichols Library (Naperville) NID RAILS
1491 Niles Public Library District NIK RAILS
6117 Nippersink Public Library (Richmond) NPLY (RIL) RAILS
8636 Nippersink School District #2 Libraries NMSY RAILS
8635 North Boone C.U.S.D. #200 NBHY RAILS
8507 North Chicago Public Library NCK RAILS
1943 North Riverside Public Library District NRS RAILS
1521 North Suburban District Library LPL RAILS
1123 Northbrook Public Library NBK RAILS
1138 Northlake Public Library District NLS RAILS
5560 Northwestern University NUK RAILS
1520 NSLS Delinquent Patrons NSK RAILS
1501 NSLS Interlibrary Loan NSK RAILS
0058 O'Fallon CSD #90 OCA IHLS
0016 O'Fallon Public Library BJA IHLS
0022 O'Fallon Township High School GCA IHLS
1534 Oak Brook Free Public Library OBD RAILS
7575 Oak Grove Elementary School (Decatur) IHLS
1186 Oak Lawn Public Library OLS RAILS
1132 Oak Park Public Library OPS RAILS
1497 Oak Park-River Forest High School OAS RAILS
1763 Oakwood Township Public Library OKN IHLS
0201 Odell Public Library (Morrison) MORG RAILS
7518 Oglesby Public Library District OGBB RAILS
8630 Orangeville C.U.S.D. #203 OVLY RAILS
7531 Oreana Grade School IHLS
8631 Oregon C.U.S.D. #220 OSLY RAILS
8528 Oregon Public Library ORLY RAILS
1315 Orland Park Public Library ORS RAILS
1335 Oswego Public Library District OSB RAILS
1265 Palatine Public Library District PAK RAILS
1950 Packer Engineering - Knowledge Services RAILS
1965 Palos Heights Public Library PHS RAILS
6089 Palos Park Public Library District PPS RAILS
8501 Pankhurst Memorial Library PMLY RAILS
1139 Park Forest Public Library PFS RAILS
1467 Park Ridge Public Library PRK RAILS
3036 Parkland Community College ZPN IHLS
7573 Parsons Elementary School (Decatur) IHLS
6135 Paw Paw Public Library District PWB RAILS
8632 Pearl City C.U.S.D. #200 Libraries PCLY RAILS
8529 Pearl City Public Library District PCLY RAILS
8633 Pecatonica C.U.S.D. #321 Libraries PALY RAILS
8530 Pecatonica Public Library PTLY RAILS
2890 Peotone Public Library District PEBB RAILS
2078 Peru Public Library PUGG RAILS
7523 Petersburg Public Library IHLS
3037 Philo Township Public Library PHN IHLS
1907 Plainfield Public Library District PLB RAILS
2891 Plano Community Library District PDBB RAILS
0378 Plano C.U.S.D. #88 - Centennial School PCEB RAILS
0378 Plano C.U.S.D. #88 - Emily G. Johns School PEJB RAILS
0378 Plano C.U.S.D. #88 - High School PHSB RAILS
0378 Plano C.U.S.D. #88 - Middle School PMSB RAILS
0378 Plano C.U.S.D. #88 - P.H. Miller School PHMB RAILS
8634 Polo C.U.S.D. #222 Libraries PSLY RAILS
8531 Polo Public Library District POLY RAILS
1339 Poplar Creek Library District SMD RAILS
7580 Porta Grade School (Petersburg) IHLS
7556 Porta Junior-Senior High School (Petersburg) IHLS
2783 Prairie State College PCS RAILS
0083 Prairie Trails Public Library District PTS RAILS
7358 Princeton Public Library (formerly known as Matson Public Library) PRGG RAILS
0306 Princeton Township High School District #500 PTWG RAILS
0115 Prophetstown High School PHSG RAILS
1530 Prospect Heights Public Library District PHK RAILS
9843 Provena St. Joseph Medical Center SJB RAILS
6297 Providence Catholic High School (New Lenox) XIB RAILS
3942 Putnam County High School PCHG RAILS
3942 Putnam County Junior High School PCJG RAILS
2079 Putnam County Public Library District - Condit PTGG RAILS
2079 Putnam County Public Library District - Granville GRGG RAILS
2079 Putnam County Public Library District - Hennepin (Headquarters) PCGG RAILS
2079 Putnam County Public Library District - Magnolia MGGG RAILS
2079 Putnam County Public Library District - McNabb MCGG RAILS
2079 Putnam County Public Library District - Standard SDGG RAILS
3441 Quincy Public Library RAILS
1140 RAILS (formerly Metropolitan/Suburban Library System) SLS RAILS
0050 RAILS - Coal Valley Service Center (formerly River Bend Library System, then Prairie Area Library System) CVSG RAILS
1258 RAILS - Rockford Service Center (formerly Northern Illinois Library System, then Prairie Area Library System) RFSY RAILS
1979 RAILS - Shorewood Service Center (formerly Heritage Trail Library System, then Prairie Area Library System) SWSB RAILS
1317 Rantoul Public Library (shares a prefix with Itasca Community Library) RAN IHLS
2917 Raymond A. Sapp Memorial Township Library RAYG RAILS
0057 Reavis High School Library RVS RAILS
7578 Reddick Library (Ottawa) RLBB RAILS
7713 Richard A. Mautino Memorial Library (Spring Valley) RAM (was SPB) RAILS
1809 Richland Community College RCR IHLS
6087 Richton Park Public Library District RPS RAILS
0050 RIVER BEND LIBRARY SYSTEM (now Prairie Area Library System) PALS RAILS
0107 River Bend Middle School FMSG RAILS
1865 River Forest Public Library RFS RAILS
7000 River Grove RGS RAILS
8611 River Ridge C.U.S.D. #210 RRHY RAILS
0096 River Valley District Library (Port Byron) RVLG RAILS
0103 Riverdale Elementary School RIEG RAILS
2229 Riverdale High School RIHG RAILS
2230 Riverdale Middle School RIJG RAILS
1163 Riverdale Public Library District RDS RAILS
1403 Riverside Public Library RSS RAILS
7601 Riverton Village Public Library (Riverton) IHLS
2215 Robert Morris College (Springfield) RMR IHLS
0087 Robert R. Jones Public Library District (Coal Valley) CVPG RAILS
2076 Robert W. Rowe Public Library District (Sheridan) ROBB RAILS
8637 Rochelle Elementary District #231 RELY RAILS
8638 Rochelle Township High School District #212 Library RSLY RAILS
6084 Rochester Public Library IHLS
8644 Rock Falls Middle School
1516 Rock Falls Public Library (Coloma Township) (shares same prefix 1516 with Sauk Valley College) RFLY RAILS
8640 Rock Falls Township High School #301 Library RTLY RAILS
0070 Rock Island Public Library RIP RAILS
1606 Rock Valley College RVLY RAILS
8664 Rockford Lutheran High School & Junior High RLHY RAILS
1112 Rockford Public Library RPL RAILS
8643 Rockford Public Schools, District #205 Library Media Centers R44Y RAILS
0109 Rockridge Unit #300 High School ROCG RAILS
1270 Rolling Meadows Library RMK RAILS
5291 Romeoville Library Service Center (Inactive) RCB RAILS
3012 Roselle Public Library District ROD RAILS
2303 Round Lake Area Library RLK RAILS
0037 Roxana High School GDA IHLS
0038 Roxana Public Library B1A IHLS
7011 Sandwich District Library SABB RAILS
0101 SAUG Curriculum Library ASD RAILS
1516/1622 Sauk Valley College (shares same prefix 1516 with Coloma Township-Rock Falls Public Library) SKL RAILS
8534 Savanna Public Library District SALY RAILS
8654 Scales Mound C.U.S.D. #211 SMLY RAILS
1257 Schaumburg (Hoffman Estates Branch) SBK RAILS
1257 Schaumburg Township Public Library SCK RAILS
1313 Schiller Park Public Library SPS RAILS
0105 Schmaling Memorial Public Library District FULG RAILS
0071 Scott Community College (Iowa) SCC RAILS
0072 Scott County (Iowa) Library System SEL RAILS
0113 Selby Township Library District SLBB RAILS
6059 Seneca Public Library District SEBB RAILS
1563 Serena C.U.S.D. #2, Harding Grade School HGB RAILS
1564 Serena C.U.S.D. #2, Serena Grade School SGBB RAILS
1562 Serena C.U.S.D. #2, Serena High School SHBB RAILS
1565 Serena C.U.S.D. #2, Sheridan Grade School SSBB RAILS
0119 Sheffield Public Library SHFG RAILS
7553 Shelbyville High School IHLS
7360 Shelbyville Public Library IHLS
1699 Sheridan Correctional Center (Inactive) SHB RAILS
7592 Sherman Public Library IHLS
0206 Sherrard Public Library SHDG RAILS
1560 Shorewood-Troy Public Library District STB RAILS
0085 Silvis Public Library SVP RAILS
0004 Six Mile Regional Library District BAA IHLS
9094 Skokie Public Library SKK RAILS
1232 Skokie Public Library SKK RAILS
0084 Smithton Public Library District CCA IHLS
6836 Somonauk Public Library District SNBB RAILS
8656 South Beloit C.U.S.D. #320 SWLY RAILS
3853 South Beloit Public Library District SBLY RAILS
1350 South Holland Public Library SHS RAILS
7544 South Shores Elementary School (Decatur) IHLS
5939 South Suburban College TTS RAILS
7572 Southeast Elementary School (Decatur) IHLS
7602 Springfield Art Association IHLS
7513 Springfield College IHLS
0058 St. Ambrose College Library SAU RAILS
0053 St. Charles Public Library District SCD RAILS
0204 St. Malachy School (has no code) RAILS
7584 St. Mary's Hospital (Decatur) IHLS
1514 St. Mary's School (Dixon) RAILS
7559 St. Patrick Elementary School (Decatur) IHLS
7511 St. Teresa High School (Decatur) IHLS
0044 Staunton Public Library B6A IHLS
6090 Steger-South Chicago Heights Public Library District STS RAILS
7548 Stephen Decatur Middle School (Decatur) IHLS
8657 Sterling C.U.S.D. #5 Libraries SLLY RAILS
5929 Sterling Public Library STLY RAILS
7574 Stevenson Elementary School (Decatur) IHLS
7558 Stewardson-Strasburg High School IHLS
1803 Stickney-Forest View Library District SFS RAILS
8658 Stillman Valley High Schools (Meridian Schools) SP2Y RAILS
8538 Stockton Township Public Library SKLY RAILS
7541 Stonington Elementary School IHLS
7541 Stonington Public Library IHLS
1306 Streator Public Library SRBB RAILS
1140 SUBURBAN LIBRARY SYSTEM (became Metropolitan Library System; now SWAN) SLS RAILS
6879 Sugar Grove Public Library SGD RAILS
1954 Sullivan High School SSR IHLS
8102 Summit SAS RAILS
8659 Sycamore C.U.S.D. #427 Libraries SCLY RAILS
8539 Sycamore Public Librar SYLY RAILS
6828 Taylorville Schools IHLS
1810 Taylorville Public Library (Warrensburg) TAR IHLS
1308 Thomas Ford Memorial Library (Western Springs) TFS RAILS
7549 Thomas Jefferson Middle School (Decatur) IHLS
2431 Thornton Public Library THS RAILS
1561 Three Rivers Public Library District (Channahon Branch) TRBB RAILS
1561 Three Rivers Public Library District (Minooka Branch) TMBB RAILS
1321 Tinley Park Public Library TPS RAILS
0121 Tiskilwa Public Library RAILS
3032 Tolono Township Library TON IHLS
2299 Town and Country (Elburn) EBD RAILS
1211 Township High School District 211 DGK RAILS
0053 Triad High School (Troy) GHA IHLS
0097 Trinity Medical Center Library TRIG RAILS
0040 Tri-Township Public Library District (Troy) B3A IHLS
3033 Tuscola Public Library TUN IHLS
0084 Twin Rivers District Library CLN RAILS
7520 Tyler School (New Lenox) QTB RAILS
0089 United Township High School Library UTSG RAILS
1154 University of Illinois - Chicago UIC RAILS
0301 University of St. Francis (Joliet) SFB RAILS
6078 University Park Public Library District PSS RAILS
1230 Urbana Free Library URN IHLS
3042 Urbana Junior High School JUN IHLS
7554 Ursuline Academy (Springfield) IHLS
0099 US Army Corps of Engineers Library CRPG RAILS
0028 Utica Public Library District TAB RAILS
0048 Valmeyer Public Library District/School B7A IHLS
0017 Venice Community Unit #3 NOT ONLINE IHLS
0043 Venice Public Library B5A IHLS
1968 Vernon Area Public Library District (Lincolnshire) VEK RAILS
1805 Vespasian Warner Public Library (Clinton) CWR IHLS
2752 Villa Park Public Library VPD RAILS
1803 Village of Oreana Library ORR IHLS
0114 Walnut Public Library WALG RAILS
8660 Warren C.U.S.D. #205 Library WALY RAILS
6108 Warren Township Public Library (also 8541) WRLY RAILS
8541 Warren Township Public Library (also 6108) WRLY RAILS
1124 Warren-Newport Bookmobile WQK RAILS
1124 Warren-Newport Public Library District (Gurnee) WRK RAILS
4901 Warrenville Public Library District WVD RAILS
A667 Washington District Library Five Points WDA RAILS
A667 Washington District Library Sunnyland Branch WSA
7545 Washington Elementary School (Decatur) IHLS
0027 Washington Park Library WFA IHLS
3043 Watseka Public Library WAN IHLS
3089 Wauconda Area Public Library WUK RAILS
2233 Waukegan Public Library WKK RAILS
7582 Weldon Public Library IHLS
6653 West Chicago Public Library District WCD RAILS
7590 West Sangamon Public Library (New Berlin) IHLS
1498 West Suburban Hospital WSS RAILS
1310 Westchester Public Library WCS RAILS
0069 Western District Public Library (Orion) WDLG RAILS
1404 Westmont Public Library WMS RAILS
5143 Wheaton Public Library WHD RAILS
6091 William Leonard Public Library District ROS RAILS
7595 Williamsville CUSD IHLS
1239 Wilmette Public Library District WLK RAILS
6830 Wilmington Public Library District WLBB RAILS
7608 Windsor Elementary School IHLS
7579 Windsor High School IHLS
7521 Windsor Public Library IHLS
8661 Winnebago C.U.S.D. #323 Library WQLY RAILS
8543 Winnebago Public Library District WPLY RAILS
1240 Winnetka-Northfield (Northfield Branch) WBK RAILS
1240 Winnetka-Northfield Public Library District WNK RAILS
1687 Wood Dale Public Library District WDD RAILS
0010 Wood River Public Library BGA IHLS
1524 Woodridge Public Library WRS RAILS
7546 Woodrow Wilson Residential Center (Decatur) IHLS
1567 Woodstock Public Library WOL RAILS
2753 Woodstock Public Library WOL RAILS
1528 Worth Public Library District WOS RAILS
8525 Wysox Township Library WYLY RAILS
8540 York Township Public Library YTLY RAILS
6290 Yorkville Public Library YKBB RAILS
1126 Zion-Benton Public Library District ZIK RAILS