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CCS Cataloging Manual


This resource lists current local cataloging practices and recent decisions of the Catalog and Metadata Management (CAMM) Technical Group. Web version established in November 2008, with a major revision in early 2017. If something is missing from this site, email CCS Member Services

CCS catalogers are to follow the practices in this manual, OCLC's Bibliographic Formats & Standards (BF&S), the Library of Congress-Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Statements (LC-PCC PS), and Resource Description & Access (RDA), in that order of precedence.

Bibliographic Input Standards


CCS Fully Cataloged Bibliographic Record Input Standards

CCS On Order Bibliographic Record Input Standards

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Cooperative Computer Services (CCS) is a group of 28 public libraries in the north and northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois that share an integrated library system for circulation, acquisitions, cataloging, interlibrary loan and an online public access catalog.

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