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11/11/2020 CAMM
  • 945 ‡b OCLC DO NOT SET is no longer mandatory.
8/14/2019 CAMM
  • Removed Electronic books, Electronic reference sources, Electronic videos, Web sites from the local genre list
5/22/2019 CAMM
  • Add parallel titles to 245 ‡b when found on the item.
8/8/2018 CAMM
  • 250 [Blu-ray + DVD combo pack] is no longer mandatory.
8/9/2017 CAMM
  • Foreign films and Anonymous writings are no longer valid genre headings.
6/14/2017 CAMM
  • This note is no longer mandatory: 500 In keeping with the original Japanese format, this book reads right-to-left, and back-to-front.
  • Subject headings can only be in English or Spanish. Formerly, other languages were allowed for works in other languages.
  • For staged operas, apply the exception given in RDA and identify all collaborative moving image works by preferred title alone.
  • Do not add an edition statement for large type books when none exists.
4/20/2017 SCRAP
4/19/2017 SCRAP
  • The Governing Board said that they don’t have to approve our by-law changes, so they are in effect from our approval.
  • 4K Ultra HD :
250 4K Ultra HD [edition].
347 video file|b4K Ultra HD Blu-ray|d2160p ultra high definition|2rda|3Ultra HD Blu-ray (only |b is mandatory)
For all AV materials, only the 1st 347 field will show in the Material Type column in WorkFlows so if you want 4K Ultra HD blu-ray to show in that column, make sure it is listed first.
  • eBooks and eAudiobooks: delete all 344 and 347 fields. The 380 which tells what it is in the Material Type column will not be visible if those fields are present.