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CCS Website Quick Start Guide

Logging In 

You must use your L2 log in to access the CCS website.  

To log in: 

  1. Click Log In in the upper right corner 
  2. Enter L2 username and password 
  3. Click Log In 

Your Profile 

Your profile is accessed immediately following log in or by clicking Manage My Profile in the upper right corner 

In Manage My Profile, you can view open tickets, bookmark pages across the CCS website, bookmark meetings, and view past issues of CCS News.  

Bookmark a Page 

To bookmark a page: 

  1. Visit any page on the CCS website 
  2. In the center right of the screen, click the bookmark button 
  3. This page is automatically added to the My bookmarks panel under Manage My Profile 

Bookmark a Meeting 

To bookmark a meeting: 

  1. Visit Meetings > Calendar  
  2. Filter to your desired meetings 
  3. Click the event tile 
  4. Click the bookmark button on the event tile  
  5. The bookmark is automatically added to Upcoming Meetings under Manage My Profile 

Where are my commonly used tools like the Cataloger’s Wiki, Simply Reports, Web Reports, and more? 

Click Member Tools > Member Tools A – Z 

Where are the meeting dates, agendas, and minutes for my groups? 

Click Meetings > Technical & Advisory. Scroll to your group. Find buttons for past and upcoming meeting dates, agendas, minutes as well as group rosters.  

Where is the CCS Directory? 

Click Member Tools > Library & Committee Contacts. You can search by keyword, group/committee, library, or by department contact.  

Where are all the documentation and online courses? 

Click How-To. All documentation is organized By Software and By Department. Online Courses are here too.