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Governing Board

Governing Board is comprised of all active member libraries of CCS. Officers include the President, Vice President/President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. Governing Board is responsible for approving the annual budget, member fees, strategic plan, and new members.

Executive Committee

Executive Committee monitors the performance of the CCS Governing Board, acts as CCS's personnel committee and is responsible for the employment and evaluation of the Executive Director. Other duties include recommending new members to Governing Board, negotiating and approving contracts with third parties, approving policy changes, approving expenditures, and other duties as assigned by Governing Board.

Budget and Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance committee maintains the fiscal stability of CCS, including guiding the development of an annual budget to support the goals of the CCS mission, vision, and strategic plan, and recommending the budget to Governing Board for approval.

Long Range Planning and Technology Committee

The Longe Range Planning & Technology Committee guides the development of the CCS strategic plan and recommends improvements to the long-term sustainability of CCS.

Bylaws and Policy Committee

The Bylaws and Policy Committee reviews the CCS Bylaws and Governing Board Policies annually and makes recommendations to the Governing Board.

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee annually identifies a qualified slate of candidates for election as officers and Executive Committee members-at-large.

RAILS Consortia Committee

The RAILS Consortia Committee investigates and recommends ways to improve and increase consortial services in Illinois, particularly among member libraries in RAILS. Each consortium designates one voting representative and optionally one alternate to serve on the committee.

Database Management Committee

Database Management Committee discusses requests for new policies, including but not limited to:

  • Material types
  • Item stat codes
  • Loan period codes
  • Fine Codes
  • Patron Codes
  • Patron Stat Classes
  • Collections