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What we do

Who We Are

Our mission is to provide effective, high-quality and future-focused library technology to members to promote resource sharing, facilitate knowledge sharing, and improve the patron experience. 

Our vision is to be on the forefront of library technology and adapt to changing needs and environments. 

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What We Offer

CCS strives to follow these guiding principles: 

  • We support resource sharing. 
  • We foster a culture of collaboration and community. 
  • We provide professional development, training, and networking opportunities. 
  • We adopt those technologies and services which enhance the user experience. 
  • We practice fiscally responsible stewardship of member library resources. 
  • We engage all member libraries and respect their diversity. 

In Fiscal Year 2020-2021: 

  • Members had access to over 1 million title records and 5 million items 
  • Almost 10 million checkouts and renewals happened across the system 
  • Members share 2 million resources through reciprocal borrowing and interlibrary loan 
  • 99% of member holds were filled through CCS interlibrary loan (supported by RAILS delivery), saving ILL staff time and streamlining the patron experience.  

Library staff have opportunities for engagement and networking through staff committees, and each member’s director serves on the CCS Governing Board. 

Our staff of experts provide training, support, and consulting to members, including centralized group training, customized training for members, online courses, custom reporting and more. 

We are a Polaris consortium. Public services staff use Leap, a web-based tool, for most day-to-day tasks. Technical services staff use a traditional Staff Client accessed via remote desktop for most tasks. We are also a Development Partner for Innovative Interface’s new Vega Discovery tool, which features attractive and embeddable booklists, econtent integration, and work level rollups (grouping multiple formats of the same title for easier browsing). 

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