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System Status : System is up

Polaris Upgrades and Reported Issues

Polaris Upgrade to version 7.1 Complete 

CCS libraries completed the upgrade to Polaris version 7.1 the morning of May 11. If staff have questions or encounter issues, they can reach CCS at (847)483-8600 or email

CCS will continue to update this page with news on suspected or confirmed bugs and links to relevant documentation. 

Updating Local Offline Client & Files to 7.1

Directions for downloading local offline files and the client can be found here. CCS libraries are currently using Polaris version 7.1. The The local offline client and files have been updated to 7.1 versions. The links to download the new files and client are:

Log in with your individual Polaris username to download the new local offline mdb files. You will need to use the shared login to download the offline client (username HPL\CCSOffline; please contact CCS for the password if you do not have it already). You may be prompted to enter log in information more than once.


Training sessions are held online via Zoom. Register via L2. All sessions will be recorded and posted online for those who are not able to attend live. 

  • Acquisitions in Leap: Set Up Tasks (April 19, 2022; 1:00-2:00pm) This webinar will introduce attendees to the set up tasks in Leap (v. 7.1). Tasks covered in the webinar include creating and editing fiscal year, fund, and supplier records. The Find Tool for searching for fiscal year, funds, and supplier records will also be demonstrated. Click here to view recording.
  • Acquisitions in Leap: EDI Workflow (April 26, 2022; 1:00pm-2:00pm) This webinar will demonstrate the EDI workflow in Leap (v. 7.1). Tasks covered include bulk adding to POs, editing, releasing and sending POs, editing and paying invoices. The use of the find tool to search for POs and Invoices will be covered. Click here to view recording.

New Documentation

New or updated documentation will be linked here when available.

Reported Issues

The following are possible or confirmed ILS bugs reported by member libraries.

Discount rate added to a line item is altered when saved in Leap 7.1. This update was intentional. Innovative will update documentation.
7.1 Spine label text alignment is not maintained by the PDF print preview screen. It appears normal in the label manager.This will be fixed with the 7.2 upgrade.
An error message appears when bulk adding POLIs to POs in Leap in Polaris 7.1 from the record set. Currently being looked at by Innovative's software engineers
7.1 Unable to add to record set from file in Leap In Polaris 7.1, when staff use the Leap record set "Add from file" action, they receive the following error message: "Unable to open file. Check the path and filename." Fixed in 7.1 production upgrade on May 10
PowerPAC "Change Pickup Location" not recognizing pickup library limits A current bug allows patrons to change an existing hold to a restricted pickup location in the PAC; patrons are able to update their pickup location to a branch that have that would not otherwise allow them to select that location.Currently being looked at by Innovative's software engineers
Long overdue block following patron library Long Overdue blocks are being applied based on the user's registered library settings and not the transacting library's settings. Currently being looked at by Innovative's software engineers; as of March 1, patrons registered to CCSB will be blocked when an item reaches 15 days overdue.