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Polaris Upgrades and Reported Issues

Update on Polaris 7.3 Upgrade

CCS and Innovative have identified several bugs and potential performance issues in our testing of Polaris 7.3. As a result, we will postpone upgrades to production until the issues can be fully identified and resolved. We anticipate being able to test a subsequent release, Polaris 7.4, in Q1 2023.

The traning server is currently running Polaris version 7.3. Staff can continue to test out new features in the training Staff Client and training Leap. CCS will share any updates and news regarding upgrades with membership as they become available.

Updating Local Offline Client & Files to 7.2

Libraries are currently using Polaris Offline version 7.2. Directions for downloading local offline files and the Client have been updated for version 7.2 and can be found here. The links to download offline files and client are:

Log in with your individual Polaris username to download the new local offline mdb files. You will need to use the shared login to download the offline client (username HPL\CCSOffline; please contact CCS for the password if you do not have it already). You may be prompted to enter log in information more than once. Please use Chrome or Firefox to access the file sites; staff may find they are unable to access the sites using Edge.


Training sessions are held online via Zoom. Register via L2. All sessions will be recorded and posted online for those who are not able to attend live. 

Upcoming Training

New training opportunities will be listed here and announced in the weekly CCS News.

Recent Training

New Documentation

New or updated documentation will be linked here when available.

7.3 Documentation

7.2 Documentation

Reported Issues

The following are possible or confirmed ILS bugs reported by member libraries.

Cancelling Holds in Held Status Ready-for-Pickup holds will not clear when cancelled if there is a queue for the titleCurrently being looked at by Innovative's software engineers
When a manually created invoice is paid, the owner switches to Algonquin. Innovative is investigating the issue.
Placing EDI orders in Leap causes Polaris to miscalculate the price PO. Innovative is investigating the issue.
Placing EDI orders in Leap causes the titles to not be marked as orders in TitleSource360. Innovative and Baker and Taylor have been informed.
The Branch filter for the Serial Holdings Record Find Tool in Leap that is accessed from serials check-in doesn't have a drop-down menu. Trying to type in a Branch name causes a syntax error. In Software Engineering
PowerPAC "Change Pickup Location" not recognizing pickup library limits A current bug allows patrons to change an existing hold to a restricted pickup location in the PAC; patrons are able to update their pickup location to a branch that have that would not otherwise allow them to select that location.Currently being looked at by Innovative's software engineers
Long overdue block following patron library Long Overdue blocks are being applied based on the user's registered library settings and not the transacting library's settings. Fixed in Poalris version 7.4